Three Films You Should Be Excited For (Even If You’re Not)

It’s Summer Blockbuster season, a time when it’s easy (and perfectly understandable) to get completely mesmerized  and distracted by the over-VFX‘d, over-hyped, and over-budgeted tentpole franchise films.

Don’t get me wrong, I lie awake at night in anticipation of The Dark Night Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, and Skyfall (not out until November), but there are a few other flicks flying under the radar amid the ridiculousness of the 3D trailers in theatres now that I’m loosing just as much (if not more) sleep waiting for.

So in case you get all your movie salivation from Tribute Magazine or the $6 tie-in Coca-Cola cup at your neighbourhood Googleplex, here are a few lesser-hyped flicks that you should get pumped about, even if they’re not based on a comic book franchise.

The Great Gatsby

Say what you want about Baz Lurhmann‘s absolutely flamboyant filmmaking style, I’d argue that both Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge are two of the most visually-stunning films ever made, and “Gatsby” looks to be no different.

It’s also widely considered one of the great American novels. If you haven’t read it, I have to ask you where exactly you were educated. And Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan are a casting match made in heaven. Tobey’s okay too…

“Gatsby” is in theatres December 25. In 3D. However the hell that will work.


I’m not the Canadian cheerleader for David Cronenberg that I probably should be. I never really get his films. They’re always just a little too “something”. And I’m not nearly as madly in love with Viggo Mortensen as he is.

However, this appears to be a Cronenberg film I can get behind. And Paul Giamatti and a score by Howard Shore and Metric definitely sweeten the deal.

Now before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we’ve all sworn a solemn oath not to go see that pale, sparkly douchebag in anything. But Pattinson is getting great reviews. And I’m willing to give any working actor a shot. It’s just good karma…

“Cosmopolis” was screened at Cannes and has already had it’s Canadian release, which means you haven’t had an opportunity to see it unless you are motion picture royalty or live in Yorkville. But it is scheduled for a wide(r) release August 17. So keep your eyes peeled at your local indie cinema, cause Cineplex probably won’t touch this one.


Oliver Stone is very hit-and-miss. After all, “Wall Street” was a long time ago. I’m talking about the original “Wall Street” not the “oh man, we gotta capitalize on this financial crisis thing” half-assed sequel to “Wall Street”.

Despite the (many) failures, Stone is still one of my favorite directors and “Any Given Sunday” one of my five favorite films, and, I might add, the best football movie ever made. And this cast definitely intrigues me. AND it looks like a stone cold (pun intended) action flick, kind of a first for Oliver.

In theatres July 6.

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